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About Ron

photo of Railroad Ron at the 2003 Central Wisconsin State Fair in Marshfield
Railroad Ron at the 2003 Central Wisconsin State Fair in Marshfield

Although he didn't get the name until much later, Railroad Ron has been involved in music since he was a teen.

Over the years, he's played and sang with numerous local bands and groups, recorded albums and tapes, and even appeared on The Johnny Cash Show. He's played country, rock, old time, polkas, waltzes, big band and "almost everything in between."

In 1980, Ron purchased an accordion and rhythm machine and began playing solo. It was at this time that he took the name Railroad Ron. Although Ron used to live by the railroad tracks, it is probably his admiration for the late, great "Boxcar Willie" that got him the name.

photo of Railroad Ron singing patriotic songs at a private party
Railroad Ron sings patriotic songs at a private party.

Over the years, Railroad Ron has performed at fairs, festivals, bars, picnics, weddings and anniversaries, among other venues. He now plays orchestrated keyboard and sings as part of his musical variety show. Ron does many senior shows, but his music doesn't stop there. Because of the wide variety of songs, he is able to reach all age groups.

Ron always tries to play requests, and invites audience participation through songs such as The Chicken Dance. He also supplies good, clean humor.

Ron recalls a saying that the late Grand Ole Opry star Roy Acuff once told fellow member Minnie Pearl: "Love the audience and they'll love you back." It is a phrase that Ron has followed throughout life.

For more information about Railroad Ron, or to book him for an event, call 920-426-RAIL (7245) or e-mail him at info@railroadron.com.

For more information, please e-mail us at info@railroadron.com.

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