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Based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin bullet Performing throughout the Midwest
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Entertainment Ideas

photo of Bob and Railroad Ron performing at the Independence Day Celebration in Mount Morris, Wisconsin
Bob and Ron sometimes perform together as part of the Railroad Ron musical variety show. They are shown above at the Independence Day Celebration in Mount Morris.
photo of Railroad Ron singing to woman on her 82nd birthday
Railroad Ron uses the automatic procedure on his keyboard so he can sing to a woman on her 82nd birthday.

Provide entertainment for all ages.

One of Railroad Ron's strengths is adapting to the mood of the group and playing music that all age groups will enjoy. He provides quality family musical entertainment.

Provide something in between larger acts.

If you have afternoon and evening music planned but nothing in between, having Railroad Ron play gives you a way to fill the gap between bands and keep the crowds from leaving.

Use music to bring back good memories.

Railroad Ron specializes in playing music that takes people back and helps them remember their happiest times, as well as make new memories.

Music's not just for weddings and fairs.

Railroad Ron can tailor his performances for all occasions, including festivals, picnics, parties, anniversaries, reunions, church functions, retirement homes, birthdays, campgrounds, boat trips and business promotions. No job is too large or too small.

Nothing entertains like a live performance.

Although Railroad Ron uses some very sophisticated electronics, his live shows are created on the spot. Audience participation is encouraged.

Check out TA-DA Robots for interactive, fuzzy, animal characters that stroll the grounds and perform at fairs, festivals, trade shows, grand openings and corporate events.

For more information, please e-mail us at info@railroadron.com.

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